A simple push toward greater convenience

If you’ve ever accidentally closed a door or panel with a traditional cam latch in the closed position, then you know the damage that can occur over time to the door, frame or latch. I have been guilty of this many times myself…

Push to close latchNow, Southco has expanded its E5 Cam Latch selection by adding intuitive push-to close convenience to more than a dozen hand-, tool- and key-actuated models. The push-to-close design prevents damage to the latch regardless of the cam position during closing. A spring-loaded feature automatically engages the cam once it passes the edge of the keeper or frame.

What’s even better is that the new designs satisfy both single-pointE5 Bus and two-point latching options. We all like convenience, and our cam latch installations should be no different! A latched/unlatched status indicator provides users with quick visual confirmation of latch status, too, so there is no more guesswork about whether your panel or door is secured.

E5 EquipmentWhether your application is office furniture, an RV or an electronic enclosure, the E5 has a design and configuration to fit your needs. Simplicity, versatility and flexibility.

To discuss how the flexibility of the new cam latch can enhance your application, send us an email or post a comment.

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