Brochure: Usability, Safety and Reliability in Aerospace Design

Interior cabin by Phillip Capper, CC-BY-2.0
Interior cabin Phillip Capper CC-BY-2.0

As aircraft carriers continue to update their fleets with new designs and retrofits, design engineers face new challenges in selecting components that not only adhere to changing Aerospace design needs, but provide proven functionality as well.

Weight reduction across the aircraft and the incorporation of new technologies that improve passenger comfort and enhance safety and security for example, are leading trends in the industry.

For design engineers, this means they must consider many requirements when selecting components for Aerospace applications, including:

  • Maximizing the passenger flight experience
  • Supporting crew in performing service tasks safely and securely
  • Complementing aircraft studio interior styling
  • Meeting Aerospace quality and production standards
  • Reducing the overall carbon footprint

Integrating validated access hardware and positioning technology into aircraft interior applications such as seating, access paneling, lavatories, carts and galleys, can help improve usability, safety and reliability for passengers and crew, while meeting new design requirements.



From cockpit to cabin, Southco offers a comprehensive product portfolio of latching, fastening and positioning solutions for a wide range of interior and exterior aircraft applications. Our broad offering of engineered access solutions meet Aerospace industry requirements for strength, durability and compliance, enhance passenger comfort, and provide an extra layer of safety and security during flight.


To learn more about how validated access hardware and positioning technology can improve your application, download Southco’s Aerospace Solutions Brochure.

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