Southco plays a vital role in the automotive industry as a tier 1 and tier 2 supplier of access hardware for interior and exterior applications. From noise shields to globe boxes to load floors, Southco has the knowledge and capability to help you keep it secure.

Quick-Access Latching That Beats the Heat

Southco’s popular DZUS® D8 Panex Quarter-Turn Fastener line has recently expanded with the introduction to of a new stainless steel verison. The stainless steel D8 delivers the same quick access and fast installation as the standard D8, but enables dependable fastening in harsh environments where heat and corrosion may affect operation.

The durable, formed stainless steel construction of the new D8 provides enhanced total material thickness (TMT) tolerance for robust fastening. The oriented cam to head feature provides visual lock/unlock status and improves visual appearance and alignment of multiple fasteners in the same application.

Available with slotted, hex and Phillips recessed head styles, and complementary mini clip-on and rivet-on receptacle styles, the stainless steel DZUS® D8 is compatible with a variety of installation needs and is well-suited to automotive, truck, HVAC, and outdoor signage and lighting applications.To learn more about our complete line of DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners, visit Southco’s Quarter-Turn Fasteners page.

University of Minnesota FSAE Team Chooses Southco Products for Formula One Racecar Design

Southco’s access hardware solutions have been incorporated into a wide variety of applications, including everything from yachts to data servers, so when the University of Minnesota Formula SAE (FSAE) team contacted Southco about donating some of its Quarter-Turn Fasteners for their racecar design, Southco was ready. Formula SAE® is a student design co

Engineered Access Solutions

Hello and welcome to Southco. We manufacture things like latches, hinges, electronic access solutions, and position control technology.  We look forward to discussing your application needs and seeing how we can help with them.