Cam & Compression Latches

Southco cam latches offer the most flexible and versatile latching solutions. Their 90 degree cam rotation provides quick and easy actuation that can be adapted to multi-point latching if desired. Southco compression latches reduce or eliminate noise and rattle, or compress gaskets for environmental or EMI/RFI sealing. A wide variety of compression latch styles include many security, finish, and material options.

A Little Bumper Goes a Long Way

The newest versions of the C2 Lever Latch and C5 Sealed Lever Latch are now available with an optional rubber bumper accessory that delivers more consistent compression and compensates for misalignment, reducing wear, vibration and noise.

C2 and C5 latches are industry-proven solutions that have tested exceptionally well in harsh working conditions. The sealed C5 protects and water and dust, and locking options on both models enable added security. Added design options include the C5 in chrome and the C2 with two new head styles: 7 mm square and railway.

The enhanced versions of our C2 and C5 latches are ideal for new installations as well as retrofits, and are easy to install, easy to operate and feature a low profile that provides a sleek appearance to meet the needs of many different applications.

To learn more about Southco's line of C2 and C5 Lever Latches visit our Lever Latches product page.


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