Cam & Compression Latches

Southco cam latches offer the most flexible and versatile latching solutions. Their 90 degree cam rotation provides quick and easy actuation that can be adapted to multi-point latching if desired. Southco compression latches reduce or eliminate noise and rattle, or compress gaskets for environmental or EMI/RFI sealing. A wide variety of compression latch styles include many security, finish, and material options.

Securing Your Assets with Cam and Compression Latching – Choosing the Right Head Style

Choosing the right head style for a cam or compression latch will enhance end-user functionality and ensure the security of an enclosure. Southco’s wide range of cam and compression head styles provide many levels of security to accommodate the specific needs of an enclosure application.

A Slot Recessed head style for instance, supplies a base level of security and is suitable for applications where a simple access solution is necessary. A Hex Recess head however, adds an extra layer of protection due to its unique shape, which requires a special key for access.

Higher security applications benefit from Southco’s Tubular Key head design, which uses a wafer lock that can only be accessed using a Southco manufactured Tubular Key. Southco also offers standard head styles for specific industries, such as Rail and Bellcore. Using multiple cam and compression latches with different head styles is ideal for applications where additional levels of security are needed. For example, when accessing an enclosure within an enclosure. The external door of the enclosure can be easily secured using a Slot or Hex Recessed compression latch, while an additional layer of security can be added to the internal door using Southco’s Tubular Key head style option. Adding a compression latch with a different head style to each door ensures that only authorized individuals possessing the correct keys can access what’s inside. To learn more about our extensive line of cam and compression latches and the various head style options visit Southco’s Cam and Compression Latching product page.

A Little Bumper Goes a Long Way

The newest versions of the C2 Lever Latch and C5 Sealed Lever Latch are now available with an optional rubber bumper accessory that delivers more consistent compression and compensates for misalignment, reducing wear, vibration and noise. C2 and C5 latches are industry-proven solutions that have tested exceptionally well in harsh working conditions. The

Slide Latching Adds Security and Style to Transom Doors

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Chassis Components for a Rugged Environment

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Off-highway challenges and entry door solutions

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