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Non-Locking Actuators for Heavy Duty Applications

Southco_nonlocking AC30-AC40 actuatorsSouthco has recently launched non-locking versions of its AC-30 and AC-40 Actuator styles that provide quick, reliable actuation in heavy duty applications. Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, non-locking AC-30 and AC-40 Actuators are ideal for rugged outdoor environments and interior applications.

The AC-30 features push button actuation and simple installation for limited space applications, while the AC-40 features a large integrated handle and push button for easy actuation with a gloved hand. Both AC-30 and AC-40 Actuators are available in locking and non-locking versions and provide direct, single or multi-point actuation.

Southco’s AC-30 and AC-40 Actuators are ideal for heavy duty, exterior applications where robust operation is required, such as Off-Highway, Transportation and Marine. Available with push button actuation and with or without an integrated handle, these actuators provide quick actuation of a latch indoors and out.

When combined with Southco R4 Rotary Latches and AC Cables, AC Actuators create a complete Rotary Latching System that provides secure, reliable remote latching for interior and exterior applications.

To learn more about our Rotary Latching solutions, please download our Rotary Latching Solutions Guide.

Help Our Newest Rotary Latch Become a ‘Top New Product’ of 2014!

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Design Compliance in Off-Highway Access Hardware Applications

Off-highway OEMs face many challenges in meeting regionalized regulations in the global manufacturing environment. Requirements within the global off-highway sector for instance, dictate standards for materials used in the production of component parts, such as metals and chemicals. When specifying access control hardware for an application, engineers must d

Single Point Paddle Actuator System Provides Flexible Latching in Off-Highway Settings

One of our key account managers returned from a visit with a client recently that needed to solve a design application for its fleet of excavation vehicles. The client wanted to outfit the vehicles with a more secure latching solution for an existing exterior storage box on the outside of the excavator cab, which holds expensive tools on the jobsite. With

Rugged Latches that Withstand the Elements

Extreme temperatures are a constant source of frustration for engineers designing for outdoor applications because hardware must be protected from the elements but still be fully functional. The challenge is finding the right material to suit your application; the solution is anticipating the elements and designing accordingly. Southco engineers were rec

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  The utility van: mobile office for the construction industry. For contractors working out of their vans, storage plays a key role in their daily operations. If tools and materials are not securely stored, contractors could face damage to their van and tools, as well as potential  injury caused by unsecured objects. A vehicle utility contractor fo

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