CMEF Exhibition 2009

Well almost directly from Chicago, it was off to Shenzhen China for the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF). Once again we were featuring our Position Control Technology, displaying our new line of friction hinges, and our soon to be released monitor arm. We were visited by internationally known medical device manufacturers such as Mindray, Landwind Medical, and Sonoscape to name a few. The interest in our products was immense and generated application opportunities in portable ultrasound units, and monitor mounts for anesthesia and respiratory carts and general patient monitoring.

It was interesting to see how little position control was implemented on the keyboards for so many versions of portable ultrasound units. A few years ago our ST-10A friction hinge was designed into a Siemens Medical’s unit, and both are shown below. These are the type of opportunities that appeared.


Addional applications for standard friction hinges are keyboards on medical carts. Here you can choose from our ST-10E friction hinge line that provide alternative mounting schemes.

There is so much more I can share here, but, we’ll save some of that until we launch some exciting new custom solutions for some of the opprtunities we are working on as a result of the show.

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