Electromechanical Latching: The Heart of the System

Part 1 of a 3-part series on Electronic Access Solutions

They are critical to the overall quality of any Electronic Access System. Their design influences everything from electrical requirements and physical security to ease of installation and design of the end product. I’m talking of course about the heart of every Electronic Access Solution: the electromechanical lock or latch (EML).

Here at Southco, the simple mechanical latch has transformed over the years into a reliable EML with the benefits of access control. I sit near the EML design group and it has been fantastic to witness the changes that have transpired!

With this transformation came amazing new benefits.

The design of the EML makes it an easy next step in security over mechanical latches. Its ability to provide access control (via a keypad, for example) opened up tremendous possibilities for full Electronic Access Systems. Today’s Southco EMLs feature gear motor drives that use less power and provide higher load capabilities than solenoid-driven solutions. They also provide built-in intelligence and heavy-duty, vandal-resistant performance—features lacking in the mechanical latches of the past.

From a more technical standpoint, the EML has also evolved to include mechanical override options and latch status monitoring from a simple indicator light to a sophisticated monitoring system. Southco has embraced recent technological changes with three new EMLs of its own: the R4-EM, H3-EM and E-Keeper. All three provide robust performance that makes for a simple transition from mechanical to electronic access.

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Coming Next: Part 2—Access Control: The Human Interface

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