Engineering Article Round Up


In case you missed it, we would like to share a few recent articles by Southco thought leaders that showcase our diverse engineering and technology expertise.

Check out the following stories in our Engineering Article Roundup to learn more about the latest technologies and application design solutions.

  1. Securing Restricted Information at the Rack Level Within the Data Center

Steve Spatig, General Manager of Electronic Access Solutions discusses how data center managers can avoid costly data breaches and stiff penalties for noncompliance by incorporating intelligent, reliable electronic locking mechanisms at the rack level.

According to Spatig: “High-quality, reliable electronic locks are critical to the successful operation of a complete solution. Intelligent locks grant access only to validated users and can also provide critical output signals for external security monitoring and auditing.”



  1. Safe and Sound

This article explains how incorporating electronic locking solutions into parcel locker designs can improve overall functionality and reliability, while providing enhanced security and traceability to parcels delivered worldwide to lockers, pick up and drop off points and parcel shops.



  1. Benefits of Self-Contained Electronic Locking Solutions for Cabinet Security

In this guest blog, Steve Spatig explores the benefits of adding self-contained locking solutions to data center cabinets, providing an effective way to manage access control across an entire facility, without having to be wired into a network.

“Self-contained electronic access solutions simplify the integration of an access control solution into a data rack, and can be easily installed without additional wiring or connection of separate, discreet components. Self-contained solutions typically incorporate an access control device, electronic lock, electrical override and power supply into a single unit,” said Spatig.

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  1. New Trends in Operator Awareness and Visibility in Off-Hwy Equipment

In this article, Transportation Business Development Manager Bob Straka highlights enhancements in ergonomics and technology that have the potential to improve operator visibility and awareness in off-highway equipment design.

“Taking a cue from the automotive industry, off-highway equipment design is evolving to accommodate the needs and preferences of the operator. The desire for increased ergonomics and connectivity with mobile devices are leading factors influencing the future of off-highway design,” said Straka.



  1. Solving Aircraft Interior Design Challenges with Standardized Mechanisms

Bob Straka explains how integrating validated, standardized mechanisms in aircraft interior applications such asseating, access paneling, storage equipment and galleys can improve industrial design and ultimately enhances end-user functionality.

According to Straka: “Versatile, proven engineered solutions that are designed to meet the needs of the aerospace industry provide engineers with standardized solutions for conserving weight across interior applications, ultimately contributing to the overall reduction of operation and fuel costs in large-scale aircraft design.”

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  1. The Cell Phone Is the Key

In this article, Steve Spatig explains how a cellphone can be used as a key when combined with intelligent electronic locks and Bluetooth controllers.

“Bluetooth access control readers integrated with intelligent electronic locks provide significant benefits for physical security management, allowing for remote access control and monitoring without the need for wiring into a network. This could open up the opportunity for electronic access integration into equipment that has traditionally been limited to mechanical lock and key solutions.”


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