Go Wireless: Actuate Your Southco Locks with Remote Control

Now you can wirelessly actuate Southco locks with ease with our new EA-R02 RF Remote Control System. The EA-R02 RF offers economical, remote control operation with a key fob, putting access in the palm of your hand.

The EA-R02 RF Remote Control System is an extension of our EA-R01 series, which was constructed for heavy duty and waterproof applications. The EA-R02 RF is Southco’s electronic access solution (EAS) designed and constructed for use with light-duty, indoor applications.

Simply press the “lock” or “unlock” button (just like you do with your car’s keyfob) and your Southco lock will respond from approximately 60 feet away.

Like its predecessor, the EA-R02 RF provides convenient, secure access management and eliminates the need to carry numerous mechanical keys. The unit arrives pre-programmed as well, allowing for trouble-free installation and setup.

Do you have an application requiring the EA-R02 RF’s remote control locking availability? Tell us in the comments.

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