Industry Report: Enhancing Off-Highway Equipment Design

As next generation technologies continue to influence design trends in Off-Highway equipment, OEMs are seeking products that not only simplify integration and offer enhanced features to the end user, but also maintain reliable functionality in rugged environments. Two new technologies gaining momentum in Off-Highway equipment applications today are Electronic Access Solutions such as electromechanical locks and latches, and Positioning solutions such as constant torque hinges and display mounts.

Electronic Access Solutions provide robust flexibility, which allows them to be integrated into many Off-Highway enclosure applications such as engine covers, access panels, tool boxes and storage compartments.

A complete solution includes an electromechanical lock or latch, access control or user interface, and remote monitoring capabilities. Intelligent electronic locking mechanisms, like Southco’s R4-EM Electronic Rotary Latch for instance, offer endless possibilities for enhanced safety, security and robust, quality operation in Off-Highway environments by:

  • Preventing visible attack points with concealed mechanisms
  • Providing remote access and control of equipment
  • Delivering a digital record of activity of who accessed the lock
  • Eliminating physical key management challenges

New technologies are also being used to enhance comfort and convenience for Off-Highway equipment operators, who often spend long hours in their vehicles. Operator ergonomics and usability can be easily improved by incorporating intuitive hinges, arms and display mounting solutions with integrated Positioning Technology into equipment designs. Southco’s Positioning Technology simplifies user operation and provides reliable positioning of display mounts, doors and access panels, and offers the following benefits:

  • Moves display screens and input devices into comfortable working positions
  • Supports and holds display screens in precise position without drift
  • Easily opens and closes doors and panels; holds panels open
  • Offers option for unlimited mobility and full range of motion

To learn more about how rugged, validated Electronic Access Solutions and Positioning Technology can improve your Off-Highway equipment design, download Southco’s Off-Highway Industry Reports: Physical Security Solutions for Off-Highway Equipment and Enhancing Ergonomics in Off-Highway Equipment Design.

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