Multi-Point Latching Goes to Great Lengths for Enclosure Cabinet Security

Datacenter DesignData center engineers dedicate sizeable amounts of time to designing enclosures, which includes specifying cabinet storage that will ultimately house the complete system.  Factors such as size, materials, rack dimensions, security,  heating and cooling options and the costs associated are all considered by engineers throughout the design, but when it comes to accessibility, it sometimes isn’t approached until the very end of the design process.

We recently had an engineering firm come to us late in the design process with a need to incorporate a multi-point locking system into a tall, upright enclosure door design. The cabinet required a latch that would securely lock its entire length with only one turn. The firm also requested that the system take up minimal space in the overall cabinet design.

Southco engineers suggested one, three-point H3 Swinghandle Multi-point System to secureH3 Swinghandle the enclosure door. When installed, the Swinghandle, which nests into its housing with minimal protrusion, sits on the outside of the cabinet door, and pops up to swing smoothly for easy latch actuation. The cam mechanism sits on the inside of the enclosure door, and a series of rods that run up the entire length of the door are activated by a linear actuator, releasing the latch when the Swinghandle is rotated.

Southco’s H3 is available with multiple offset cams, multi-point latching, and numerous locking and non-locking options that simplify cost-effective configuration. Available in lightweight, robust nylon or heavy-duty die-cast, the H3 is suitable for indoor enclosure cabinet applications across industries.

What types of challenges have you experienced in your enclosure design? Or do you have an application question about latches, hinges or captive fasteners? Tell us in the comments.

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