New Electronic Lock Provides Simplified Electronic Operation

R4-EM - 8 Series Electronic Rotary LockSouthco’s new R4-EM 8 Series Electronic Rotary Lock combines the efficient and robust performance of a rotary latch mechanism with simplified DC motor actuation. Flexible, concealed installation provides vandal-resistance and accommodates a variety of cabinet designs.

The R4-EM 8 Series is available with or without an extended housing option to accommodate door sensing and to provide added protection of the locking cam. Additionally, the R4-EM 8 Series is available with an integrated connector and mechanical override bracket, and features simple two-hole installation.

Southco’s R4-EM 8 Series Electronic Lock enables simplified electronic locking and monitoring for applications that incorporate intelligent electronic control systems but do not require the level of intelligence provided by the standard R4-EM Series. With a high working load and ultimate load, the R4-EM 8 Series ensures reliable, secure operation across a wide range of applications.

To learn more about Southco’s complete line of Electronic Access Solutions, visit Southco’s R4-EM product page.

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