New Slide Bolt Offers Door Sensing and Latch Status Monitoring

Southco has expanded its line of electronic access control solutions with a compact electronic slide bolt that simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electromechanical latching. The new EM-05 4 Series Slide Bolt integrates an electronic lock with latch bolt position sensing and door sensing, allowing for simple monitoring of door and latch status.

Simple to install and operate, the economical 4 Series Electronic Slide Bolt uses a spring-loaded, gear motor-driven mechanism that provides a secure and reliable alternative to solenoid solutions in high-volume dispensing and storing applications. The 4 Series features simple push-to-close slide bolt operation an integrated door and pawl switch, offering enhanced security in addition to the built-in switch monitoring door/drawer open position.

Southco’s EM-05 4 Series Electronic Slide Bolt provides high energy efficiency, requiring no power draw to maintain its retracted or extended position. With its compact size, the lightweight 4 Series Electronic Slide Bolt can be easily installed in tight spaces and is adaptable to various mounting requirements.

For more information about our Electronic Access Solutions, visit the Southco Resource Center.

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