Now You Can Control 14 Different Electronic Locks and Devices From One Computer

Southco’s newest technology allows you to seamlessly actuate multiple electronic locks and devices through your existing computer. Southco’s EA-A06 USB Controller provides simple, independent, remote actuation of up to 14 electromechanical latches when connected to a standard computer USB port.

The EA-A06 is designed with plug-and-play functionality which eliminates the need to splice wires and allows electronic locks and devices to be directly connected into the controller, saving time and labor involved with installation. By connecting the EA-A06 to an existing computer, the computer becomes a single source for remote actuation, eliminating the need for additional access control devices.

The EA-A06 provides an interface between the user’s existing interface and electronic latches which can provide remote control and audit trail capabilities that can be used to help demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements – making it an ideal choice for self service, enclosure and medical applications.

Additionally, the controller is compatible with Southco’s electromechanical latches, including our popular R4-EM Electronic Rotary Latch, EM e-Keeper and H3-EM Electronic Swinghandle, as well as other electronic locks and devices.

Learn more about Southco’s robust line of EAS products.

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