Off-highway challenges and entry door solutions

Part 1 of a 3-part series on off-highway access components

It might not be a Mercedes, but it just might cost as much! Off-highway vehicles and machinery are not cheap, so security is an obvious necessity. And anyone who has worked with off-highway equipment knows that convenience and durability are also paramount. Southco recognizes the challenges of marrying these features together in reliable, affordable entry door components.

If you’ve operated multiple vehicles on a job site, then you know the joy of multiple keys. Not exactly convenient. Electronic key systems allow operators different access privileges across a large number of vehicles. A key fob, information reader and validation controller all work together seamlessly with Southco electromechanical locks so users can program, add and delete keys with the simple press of a button. Security and convenience in one!

Southco’s actuators and latches are designed to ensure durability and ergonomic comfort in heavy duty vehicles and equipment. Corrosion-resistant products mean you won’t see rust and deterioration, and push-to-close convenience ensures you won’t break a sweat struggling to close a squeaking door.

Let’s face it; it’s not always easy to choose the right latch, the right actuator and the right cables. So rather than just offering a latch, Southco offers a complete system. To share your thoughts on entry door solutions or learn more about Southco’s complete system offerings, email us or download your copy of our Design Guide today.

Coming Next: Part 2— Chassis Components for a Rugged Environment

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