Remote Monitoring Solutions

Part 3 of a 3-part series on Electronic Access Solutions

It might be a simple indicator light or a sophisticated monitoring system. Whatever the choice, a remote monitoring solution is the final piece to a full Electronic Access Solution (EAS).

So how does it work? Let’s take Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle as an example. In this scenario, the Swinghandle provides electronic access security to datacenter cabinets. Its integrated sensors and multiple output signals provide data for both local and remote monitoring.  The swinghandle can be integrated with industry standard rack monitoring solutions with a simple retrofit, and the microprocessor-controlled gear motor design ensures minimal power consumption and multi-event status reporting.

The possibilities with today’s remote monitoring solutions are endless. You can provide an electronic “signature” each time a lock is actuated. Combined with a unique input credential, the system can provide the necessary output to networked systems to control and monitor access from any remote location. You can use an EAS with an existing networked control system that is down the hall or across the globe. And we can help.

If you’d like to get started on an electronic access solution integration, be sure to check out our new EAS Guide. It will walk you through the basic components you will need for your system. Once you know what you want, contact our dedicated design team with your design requirements so we can help get your project rolling!

If an Electronic Access Solution is not what you are looking for right now, you can always check out our complete line of latches, hinges, or captive fasteners.

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