Removable hinges and interior access

Part 5 in a 10-part series on specifying hinges

ServicemanSometimes a user or service technician requires full access to the interior of a cabinet or enclosure. If this is the case,  lift-off hinges or hinges with retractable pins can make it quick and easy to remove a door. You’ll also find these hinges valuable if a product ships unassembled or if the door and frame are manufactured in different locations.

Lift-off hinges let you remove the door in a single motion (withoutLift Off Hinge using tools). Just lift the door off the hinge pins mounted to the frame, and replace it by lowering it back over the hinge pins. Both your hands will remain free to maneuver the door. It might be a two-person job at most, but you’ll be amazed at the ease and speed of removal these hinges allow.

Hinges with retractable pins enable door removal without ever having to lift it. You retract the hinge pins and pull the door straight off. To replace it, you would just need to align the two halves of the hinge, Pin Lift Off Hingeextend the pins and lock the door back into place. Quick and very simple. While hinges with pins permanently attached won’t let the hinges drop or get lost, retractable hinge pings might be a better choice if the hinge axis is not guaranteed to remain vertical and steady.

Next week: Working within industry specifications

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