Sealed Electronic Actuator Simplifies Upgrade from Mechanical Latching

Southco has recently added to its line of electronic actuators with a sealed version that simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electronic actuation. Capable of accommodating higher mechanical loads, the AC-EM 10 Electronic Actuator facilitates the electronic actuation of Southco’s R4-10 Rotary Latch series and other latching mechanisms.

Southco’s versatile AC-EM 10 Electronic Actuator delivers high efficiency, accommodating heavier loads with minimal current draw. When connected to an electronic access control device, the AC-EM 10 Electronic Actuator can be used to remotely actuate a mechanical latch to open or unlock a door or panel.

With its small profile design and efficient gear motor operation, the AC-EM 10 Electronic Actuator is ideal for concealed applications where physical space constraints are a challenge. An economical solution for remotely actuating rotary locks and latches, the AC-EM 10 is tested to IP55 for water and dust protection and can be easily retrofitted using a standard cable connection for manual override.

The AC-EM 10 Electronic Actuator delivers an efficient and cost-effective solution for electronically actuating rotary latches for a variety of applications where concealed access is necessary, including UTV storage, ATMs and propane lockers.

To learn more about Southco’s line of electronic actuators and access controllers, visit our Resource Center Electronic Access Solutions page.

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