Self-Contained System Named Top Money Saving Product of 2016

BUILDINGS_MS_BANNERSouthco is pleased to announce that our SC Self-Contained Electronic Locking System was selected by Buildings Magazine as a Top Money Saving Product of 2016. Buildings Magazine, which reaches over 80K building owners and facilities management professionals, issues the feature annually. The SC Self-Contained was chosen as a top money saving product in the Security Solution category, joining over 75 products designed to reduce operational costs facility wide.

The SC Self-Contained Electronic Locking System combines an access control device, electronic lock, power supply, and electrical override into one AA battery-operated unit that provides full locking functionality. This solution simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electronic access and eliminates costs associated with rekeying locks and lost keys. Featuring keypad or RFID access, the single-component, cabinet-style system easily drops into a standard 25×150 panel prep, with no need for wiring or connecting of separate components. This AA battery-operated unit is available with keypad or RFID access, features a stylish, drop in assembly and provides full electronic locking functionality for a variety of applications.

Self-contained electronic locking systems offer the most simplified and cost-effective option for protecting new enclosures or upgrading existing equipment. Self-contained electronic access systems work with existing building security systems across the facility to control access in that the same ID badges that are used with an RFID based card access system for building access can be used to grant access at the equipment level.

Each time a cabinet equipped with a self-contained solution is opened using an RFID badge, a signal is stored that confirms and logs access. In addition, audit trail data can be downloaded onto a separate utility key, which can then be read via any computer USB port. This digital record of information can then be used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

To learn more about Southco’s Electronic Access Solutions (EAS), visit our EAS minisite.

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