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Industry Report: Enhancing Aerospace Interiors with Ergonomic Components

AeroPosTechWPCollageWhile many aircraft OEMs are concentrating efforts on stripping weight out of everything from the aircraft body to passenger seating, using lightweight materials in certain applications comes with its own share of risk. Design engineers can ensure that quality and end user comfort is not sacrificed when replacing traditional materials with lightweight options by adding ergonomic torque hinges to interior cabin applications, such as food trays, IFE (inflight entertainment systems) and interior panels and doors.

Lightweight positioning solutions provide ergonomic functionality for passengers as well as crew members and maintenance personnel. Hinges and display mounts designed with pre-engineered constant torque technology provide a full range of motion that improves passenger ergonomics and usability by:

  • Supporting a display screen or table when it must remain stationary, yet allowing it to be easily adjusted with one hand
  • Withstanding vibration and inertial loading that may result while the aircraft is in operation
  • Allowing displays to be easily pulled toward or pushed away from the passenger as needed
  • Simplifying operation with one-touch positioning of displays, doors and panels
  • Eliminating the need for service or adjustment during operation

With lightweighting at the forefront of new aircraft designs, engineers are tasked with integrating lightweight materials into interior applications that provide enhanced functionality and promote fuel efficiency. Incorporating positioning solutions designed with lighter materials enhances ergonomic functionality in aircraft interior applications, providing a comfortable, quality experience that end users desire.

To learn more about how pre-engineered torque hinges and display mounting solutions can improve your ergonomic aircraft interior design, download Southco’s Aerospace Positioning Solutions Industry Report.

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