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Case Study: AKCP Improves DCIM Security with Southco Electronic Locks

The data center market is constantly expanding as businesses continue to adopt cloud computing within their organizations. With the demand for cloud computing services rapidly increasing, data centers are implementing highly reliable data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions to control physical access to the cabinets that secure valuable data.

AKCess Pro (AKCP), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of networked environmental power, security and access control monitoring equipment, recently partnered with Southco to expand its DCIM solutions to include intelligent electronic locks. Considering company reputation for product quality and market share, AKCP selected Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle series to integrate into its existing DCIM solutions.

Southco H3-EM series
Electronic locks, like Southco’s H3-EM Swinghandle series provide an extra layer of security for data center cabinets (shown here integrated with AKCP’s DCIM solutions).

The integration of Southco’s electronic access solutions and AKCP’s DCIM solutions allows the data center service provider to easily manage the security system from a central location. When customers or visitors want access to certain locations or servers within the infrastructure, AKCP’s facility manager can remotely unlock the door rather than physically walking to the area, increasing work efficiency.

The integrated solutions enable real-time monitoring within the premises. When alerted to a potential security threat, staff is immediately notified by the alarm system to ensure the data stored in the servers is secure. AKCP also benefits from the simple reporting system that Southco’s integrated solutions provide. A digital report of access and summary of activities can be quickly generated, saving resources previously dedicated to manual report creation, ultimately streamlining the process.

“Southco’s solution met our rigorous standard tests and performed well in all of our onsite trials with multiple cabinets and with our software. With a large selection of hardware and a commitment to quality that AKCP requires of its partners, and the fact that the server cabinet lock and handle from Southco worked so well, working with Southco gave us more hardware options for server cabinets, allowing us to better serve our clients,” added Nicholas Barrowclough, Vice President of Production at AKCP.

The compatibility of Southco’s products with AKCP’s existing system was a major factor contributing to this partnership. Southco’s electronic locks offer easy, plug-and-play installation, allowing them to fit many of the cabinets that are popular in data centers today. Upon integration of Southco’s EAS into AKCP’s DCIM solutions, the data center service provider can now simplify their operations and save resources by central controlling access to certain locations or servers, allowing real-time monitoring within the premises, and generating a digital report of access to streamline the reporting process.

“We like Southco’s large product line as our clients wants us to integrate a wide variety of locks, sensors and software,” said Charles Meyer, Senior Hardware Engineer at AKCP. “Being able to accommodate requests for traditional style locks and hinges, as well as electronic server cabinet locks with one company makes ordering more convenient. In addition, it provides increased security, as well as helps us to comply with company and regulatory requirements.”

AKCP has continued to expand its market share since the integration of Southco’s EAS into its DCIM solutions. “Our door control unit and cabinet control unit allow our clients to expand their security measures within their budgets,” said David Reid, Vice President of Operations of AKCP. “Southco’s security offering gives us the required level of security a data center service provider needs, and we are able to make better use of our resources to deliver higher-value service to our customers.”

To learn more about Southco’s electronic locks and access control options, visit our Data Center micro site.

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