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Restyled Detent Hinge Offers Increased Corrosion Resistance

C6 Hinge ReSouthco has refreshed its successful Southco C6 Detent Hinge series with an improved design that provides increased corrosion resistance for applications requiring doors and panels to be held securely at predetermined angles. Constructed of robust plastic and stainless steel, the new C6 Detent Hinge features contemporary styling and enhanced functionality without sacrificing cycle life.

The C6 Detent Hinge features redesigned snap-on covers that fully conceal mounting hardware, creating a modern, streamlined appearance that also enhances cleanability, with various detent angles and positioning torque options available to suit different application needs. Additionally, the C6 series is available in a free-swinging style that allows a door or panel to open a full 180 degrees.

The redesigned C6 Detent Hinge offers updated styling and improved corrosion resistance for a wide variety of applications, and eliminates labor costs associated with installing additional components to maintain consistent positioning.

To learn more about Southco’s hinging technology, visit our Positioning Hinges product page.

Positioning Hinge Selection in Medical Equipment Applications

Constant torque hinges use engineered friction systems to provide continuous resistance against motion. Southco’s line of constant torque hinges is ideal for applications where it is necessary to easily hold open and position doors and panels, such as wall charting stations, medical cabinets and diagnostic equipment with heavy lids. When opening a wall

Ten questions to ask when designing in a hinge

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Hinges and aesthetics

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Considering the opening angle: Detent and torque hinges

Part 4 in a 10-part series on specifying hinges We have all been there: Trying to keep a door open with our foot, a shoe or something else we find lying around. Today’s applications increasingly require hands–free access (or a really patient friend who will hold the door for you). If this is the case with your application, consider using a hinge with