Best Practices for Automotive Glove Box Latch Design

When designing for a glove box latching application, automotive manufacturers must often accommodate a wide variety of mounting and actuation options to meet changing interior styling. For design engineers, it is essential to specify new hardware into glove box latching applications that keeps the cost of materials and production down, while still providing a reliable, proven solution that meets industry performance requirements and expectations. Glove box latching solutions should meet the following criteria:

  • Well-balanced design that not only meets end user preferences for usability, but automotive safety standards and requirements as well.
  • Parts within the glove box assembly must be fully serviceable to prevent costly repairs, such as the replacement of the entire glove box door.
  • Mechanisms must be compatible with a wide range of paddle styles, such as rotational pull paddles and push button options to support future vehicle design refreshes.
  • Glove box latching solutions must be economical and readily available to match the demand from automotive OEMS.

Southco’s Single Point Rotary Latch is a foundation product for secure, single point latching and provides an economical option for glove box latching applications. The Single Point Rotary Latch is suitable for OEM glove box applications and meets the basic requirements of flexibility in changing paddle design and geometry. Additionally, the Single Point Rotary Latch acts a complementary mechanism to applications that have more demanding requirements as well.

With the Single Point Rotary Latch, there is no need to reinvent a new glove box latching solution for each application, saving design, development, tooling and validation costs. The mechanism in Southco’s Single Point Rotary Latch acts as foundation platform, enabling automotive manufacturers to easily adapt to design changes and trends in the industry. With its simple mounting and panel preparation, this versatile product can also be used in center console and storage panel latching applications within the vehicle as well.

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