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Design Guidelines for Automotive Headrest Positioning Applications

Headrest imageMany headrest assemblies available to automotive manufacturers in today’s market are limited in their flexibility and installation capabilities. Because end users desire headrests that are supportive and easy to maneuver, and automotive OEMs must control costs associated with production, design engineers often face challenges in balancing comfort and basic functionality.

When specifying automotive headrests, design engineers should choose positioning solutions that allow for:

  • Smooth operation and better positioning – The end user should be able to easily position the headrest with minimal force.
  • Maintenance free adjustment – The design must allow for the specification of various operating efforts in different directions of motion, holding position without the need for readjustment.
  • Mobility unaffected by temperature changes – The design must be engineered to protect against changes in operating effort caused by temperature fluctuations.
  • Extended service life – Reliable designs ensure functionality throughout the service life of the vehicle.
  • Reduced production costs – Complete systems reduce assembly costs and ensure reliability throughout the production process.

Southco’s Modular Headrest integrates constant torque functionality into a molded assembly and enables users to easily position the finished headrest and hold it securely at any desired angle, whether it’s fully opened, partially closed to support the head and neck, or anywhere in between.

The Comfort Headrest provides reliable and flexible constant torque capabilities in a small package, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into OEM seat designs. The in-mold assembly process provides a practical mechanism for the automotive industry’s high volume applications, new designs and design refreshes.

For more information on how our Position Control Hinges can be used in your application, visit Southco’s Positioning Technology mini site.