New Junction Box Facilitates Electronic Access Integration for Server Cabinets

Southco's new EA-A01 SSI  uses the H3-EM Electronic Swinghandle to integrate directly with the building security system.
Southco’s Security System Integration Kit simplifies connectivity between building access systems and the H3-EM Electronic Swinghandle line.

In response to data protection industry regulations, many data centers are networking server racks to their existing security systems to monitor and control physical access to the racks, just as they do for building and room access.

Southco’s EA-A01 Security System Integration Kit simplifies the cabling and connections necessary between electronic locking solutions, such as Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Swinghandle with Integrated Prox Reader and any Wiegand based access control system.

The Integration Kit features easy plug-and-play installation, integrating with existing building access control infrastructure and extending data center security down to the rack level using readily available structured cabling. This complete turnkey solution offers a simple, cost effective way to leverage existing systems to control and monitor access at the rack level within the data center.

New Racks by Docklandsboy CC-BY-2.0

When integrated with an existing access control system, the new Integration Kit facilitates complete remote control and monitoring from building and room access down to server door access, which demonstrates compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, HITECH and PCI DSS.

To learn more about our solutions for electronic access and control, visit Southco’s Electronic Access Solutions minisite.

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