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New Concealed Push-button, Spring Loaded Pull Handle

67 PullSouthco has recently expanded its popular line of handle and pull styles with the launch of its new spring loaded 67 Concealed Pull. The spring loaded version offers the same flush mount design as the standard 67 series, but features a triggered handle and all-metal construction, providing higher strength and improved industrial design.

The newest edition to the 67 line features a unique O-ring styled handle that stores inside of the housing when not in use. When triggered via simple, push-button operation, the spring loaded 67 automatically releases the handle for easy access, providing a convenient grip for opening doors or panels.

Available in multiple color options, the flush-mount design of Southco’s Concealed Pull handle series eliminates catch points and improves overall styling and aesthetics of application design in a wide range of industries including Enclosures, Telecom and Industrial Machinery.

Southco’s spring loaded 67 Concealed Pull handle allows for quick, automatic access to the handle, yet hides it from view when not in use. All-metal construction provides increased strength while complementing industrial design, making it an ideal solution for applications where concealed access is necessary.

To learn more about our flush-mount access hardware solutions, visit our Southco Handles product page.

Surface Mount Hinge Offers Aesthetic Appeal

Southco has refreshed its successful N6 Surface Mount Hinge series with an updated design that provides superior durability in corrosive environments. Available in passivated or high gloss finishes, the stainless steel N6 Surface Mount Hinge provides a refined look without sacrificing functionality. The new stainless steel N6 Hinge is available is six