The delicate balance in achieving the “wow” factor

You only have to glance at newspaper headlines or Wall Street numbers to understand the current state of the economy. More than ever, CFOs everywhere are keeping a close eye on the bottom line in these lean times. Design engineers also face the daily challenge of simplifying production and minimizing unit costs. It’s no easy task.

While considering cost, design engineers are also devising more complex and sophisticated designs that are ergonomic, functional, stylish and as my son would say, "cool". Every designer strives for that “wow” reaction when a customer eyes his or her product. Competition is getting stronger in almost every market.

Designers are constantly challenged with the delicate balance among performance, style and cost.


At Southco, we’ve learned how Touchpoint Engineering can help designers achieve greater product differentiation, more trouble-free performance and more cost-effective production. Increasingly, it’s the little things that provide the visceral reaction from consumers—the smooth and balanced feel of a torque hinge in a LCD screen on a piece of medical equipment,  the look of a polished chrome compression latch, or perhaps the innovation of an electronic latch — so why not harness the potential value of Touchpoint Engineering in making these elements product differentiators?

By addressing the full scope of access hardware early on, designers can stand out from the pack with products that are superior in look and functionality and that are …cool.

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