The Mini E-Keeper: A little package with some big benefits

It’s 2/3 the size of its big brother, features an integrated mechanical override and boasts a more efficient gear motor. Meet the Miniature E-Keeper System—a slimmed-down access solution that provides push-to-close operation in one unit.

Southco Miniature Electronic StrikeThis compact unit means that transitioning from mechanical solutions to electronic access solutions could not be simpler. It’s easy to install and can be added right to a frame for use with existing latches. If security is a major concern, it can mounted in a concealed location with remote mechanical override. Which means—yes—it is perfect for applications like medical storage units, postal terminals and other secured enclosures. Put simply, it is designed to simplify access while providing convenience, security and control.
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Another great thing about the Mini? It’s flexible. So it’ll work with keypads, key fobs, card swipes…an array of different actuation devices. That versatility means you can integrate the specific level of secure access control you require. It accommodates multiple mounting configurations, too, so it can be easily integrated into existing designs. Ahh…secure electronic or manual operation without having to modify enclosure designs. That’ll make OEMs happy!

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