Blog Topics

  • Aerospace

    Southco's has a long history of providing the aerospace industry with innovative access hardware solutions. From the ubiquitous Dzus and Lion quarter-turn fasteners to modern position control applications in headrests, armrests, and video displays, Southco's expertise in access hardware plays a vital role throughout the aerospace industry.

  • Automotive

    Southco plays a vital role in the automotive industry as a tier 1 and tier 2 supplier of access hardware for interior and exterior applications. From noise shields to globe boxes to load floors, Southco has the knowledge and capability to help you keep it secure.

  • Enclosures

    Southco's access hardware is designed to make your enclosures secure, attractive, and function smoothly.

  • Enterprise Hardware

    Southco delivers unique access hardware solutions for Enterprise Hardware. From multipoint latches with electronic access control for racks, to captive screws and inject-eject mechanisms for components, Southco can meet nearly any access hardware need.

  • Industrial Equipment

    Southco manufactures engineered access hardware designed to meet international standards for restricted access and ensure durability under harsh environmental conditions.

  • Marine

    Innovative latches, locks, and hinges that stand out in how they in the seamless way they accent the beauty of you boat design. Southco products are designed for the corrosion resistance and ruggedness that your customers demand.

  • Medical

    Southco understands the needs of the modern medical equipment market and meets these needs with secure, attractive, and highly functional products. With Electronic Access Solutions to keep equipment, medicine, and records secure and Position Control devices such as display mounts, hinges, and equipment arms, Southco has the products to meet your needs.

  • Off-Highway Vehicles

    Southco's rugged rotary latches and compression latches are designed to meet the demands of off-highway equipment.

  • Self-Service

    Secure and reliable access and position control solutions for the self-service, point-of-sale, gaming, and kiosk markets.

  • Truck and Bus

    Southco provides solutions for interior and exterior storage compartments, gloveboxes, hoods, headrests, and display mounts engineered to meet the needs of the truck and bus industries.

  • Cam & Compression Latches

    Southco cam latches offer the most flexible and versatile latching solutions. Their 90 degree cam rotation provides quick and easy actuation that can be adapted to multi-point latching if desired. Southco compression latches reduce or eliminate noise and rattle, or compress gaskets for environmental or EMI/RFI sealing. A wide variety of compression latch styles include many security, finish, and material options.

  • Display Mounts

    Experience flexible position control. Add refined movement and positioning to your application with our ergonomic hinges, arms and display mounting solutions.

  • Electronic Access Solutions

    Southco's Electronic Access Solutions (EAS) combine our proven engineered mechanical locks and latches with electronic actuation for the ultimate in remote controlled and monitored access solutions.

  • Hinges

    Need to attach or remove a door without tools, hold it open or closed? With materials ranging from light-weight plastics to heavy-duty cast stainless steel, and a wide range of sizes and installation styles, Southco has a hinge engineered to meet your application needs.

  • Push-to-Close Latches

    Push-to-close latches simply slam closed, with no secondary steps required for latching. Match the design, strength and cost requirements of your application with a wide variety of concealed, remote actuated, and visible styles.

  • Quarter-Turn (Dzus) Fasteners

    Southco's extensive line of DZUS Quarter-Turn Fasteners satisfies a broad range of requirements for quick access, high strength, and economical performance. Each product line has a matched set of studs, retainers, and receptacles for accurate, secure engagement and convenient mounting in a range of applications.

  • Swinghandle and Multipoint Systems

    Multipoint latching systems provide a convenient solution for large door spans. A single user touchpoint operates multiple latch points for convenience and safety. Multiple points of engagement provide extra security and strength by eliminating pry points, door flexing and rattle.