Touchpoint Engineering

Hello! I’m Dan McCourt, Manager of Marketing Communications and Global eMarketing at Southco. We’re a global manufacturer of access hardware solutions; latches, hinges, electronic access, and position control mechanisms. Some may refer to these things as "widgets" but I like to call them the "Unnoticed Miracles of Modern Science".

Ok maybe they aren’t miracles but they do solve a number of design challenges for our customers.

A little about me. I’m a mechanical engineer and have worked at Southco for 14 years. I’ve been in sales, IT, and marketing during my time here. I like to think of myself as extremely customer-centric. I thoroughly enjoy it when a customer call gets routed to me by accident.  Hearing about customers products and figuring out ways that we can enhance them is a passion of mine.

I look forward to discussing your application needs and seeing how we can help with them.

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