Two new actuators, one great list of benefits

On siteIf you’ve ever taken a good look at off-highway equipment that has been left outdoors and exposed to the elements, then you know the damage that is visible from rain, heat and cold.  Well, Southco’s new line of actuators are here, and they are as tough as the elements and are designed for entry door applications. The AC-30 and AC-40 are constructed of corrosion resistant materials and can be used in a wide range of outdoor temperatures.

Both actuators work with Southco R4 rotary latches directlSouthco Actuatory or can be used with cables and rods for a complete rotary latch system. Your equipment will be secure on the job site or roadside due to the key-locking feature with multiple key codes.

The AC-30’s single hole installation enables effective mounting in restricted spaces, and the AC-40 features a large grip handle and single-motion open feature. With the addition of these new actuators, Southco has an even great line of solutions for your most challenging applications. Tell us about it. Or leave a comment. We love to hear from you.

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