Two-Point Mechanism Allows Flexibility in Glove Box Design

Though not often considered the main attraction in car and truck design, the glove box has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately via a national advertising campaign by one of the top Automotive OEMs in the US. Many Automotive manufacturers are focusing on how smaller details of the overall design (like the glove box) impact the driver experience, and are exploring new design trends to differentiate their vehicles in the market.


New trends in the Automotive market are moving towards the incorporation of a variety of door actuation styles into glove box applications, including lift paddle, side pull and push button options. When designing  a new glove box application, the challenge lies in securing a core latching product that not only meets the standard requirements of the application, but offers flexibility in actuation styles as well.


Southco has developed a two-point, dependent pawl latching system which retracts both pawls simultaneously, preventing the risk of false latching in glove box applications. Because movement need only be provided to one pawl to operate the latch, the Dual Point Coupler is suitable for all glove box applications and is compatible with a wide variety of actuation options, regardless of the styling.


Constructed of robust materials, the compact, cartridge-style of the Dual Point Coupler translates to a clean look and surface design in glove box applications. The Dual Point Coupler accommodates both locking and non-locking actuation needs, and can be integrated with an electromechanical locking system as well.

The Dual Point Coupler provides roughly twice as much pawl travel compared to standard market solutions, facilitating assistance with door assembly and gap conditions that exist between the door and surrounding instrument panel. The result is consistent and controllable actuation, and door opening and closing efforts.

To learn more about Southco’s Automotive glove box latching solutions, contact your local sales representative.

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