Veteran Southco Engineer Joins IEC as US Technical Advisor

SchlackTASouthco Senior Principal Engineer Rick Schlack has been appointed as the US Technical Advisor for the SC48D subcommittee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). He recently returned from the annual global IEC conference in Japan, where he met with 15 other delegates from the Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas regions to discuss the development of global electrotechnology standards.

As the US Technical Advisor for the IEC group, Schlack is responsible for standards relating to enclosures and electronic packaging. IEC is the leading global organization that publishes international standards and manages conformity assessment systems for electric and electronic products, systems and services, collectively known as electrotechnology. Schlack will serve a four year term as TA for the US

IECIEC standards are used globally, with IEC publications serving as a basis for national standardization, and as references when drafting international tenders and contracts. Standards typically relate to areas of product development such as standard dimensions, test requirements for cabinets, thermal conditions and shock and vibration conditions. Members of IEC groups are primarily engineers or engineering managers with tenure, or senior engineers on a related team within their organization.

“Being involved with IEC gives me the opportunity to work with international leaders in the enclosure and embedded computing markets,” said Schlack. “I’m looking forward to the new perspectives that this opportunity will bring to my work here at Southco.”

Schlack has over 28 years of experience with Southco working as an engineer. He started his career working on standard product lines such as M1 Push to Close Latches, E3 Compression Latches, and C7 Draw Latches. He then went on to work as Engineering Design Manager in Southco’s Worcester, UK location, and then moved on to develop custom enterprise hardware products, which led to Southco’s standard Inject/Eject product line.

Learn more about Southco’s engineering philosophy here.

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