Our Miniature Captive Screw: Now Available in Color

Designating and identifying access points in applications is a colorful activity with Southco’s new 52 Miniature Over-Molded Captive Screw. The newest extension to our captive screw line features a plastic, over-molded screw head which is available in standard color options, as well as custom colors matched to customer specifications, product styling and color schemes.

The 52 Miniature Over-Molded Captive Screw not only enables fastening in tight spaces, it also allows customers to easily designate access points by color in various industrial applications.

Similar to our standard Miniature Captive Screw line, the 52 Miniature Over-Molded Captive Screw reduces the design footprint with its compact design, combination tool-head recesses and knurled and smooth screw options.

These features, together with color options, provide versatility for fastening/unfastening by hand or with tools when mounting doors, panels and other hardware components in applications where space is limited and access identification is necessary.

Visit Southco’s Captive Screw product page for our complete line captive hardware options.


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