Southco has expanded its successful E5 Cam Latch series with a new version that provides flexible grip adjustment, allowing a single latching solution to be used for multiple applications. Capable of delivering a grip range of up to 11.5mm, the new E5 Cam Latch with adjustable grip features an extended shaft that allows the cam to be set at a specific grip to tightly secure a door or panel. The E5 series provides flexibility in grip adjustment to overcome door tolerance inconsistency and perman
Southco has expanded its line of electronic access solutions with a compact electronic actuator that simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electronic access. The AC-EM 05 Electronic Actuator offers an economical option for achieving electronic actuation of Southco’s R4-05 Micro Rotary Latch series and other mechanical latches. When connected to an electronic access control device, the AC-EM 05 Electronic Actuator can be used to actuate a mechanical latch to remotely open or unlock a door
Southco has further expanded its successful line of rotary latching solutions with the launch of two new heavy-duty, paddle-style actuators that provide multiple points of actuation, allowing two connected rotary latches to be activated remotely by one actuator. Southco’s AC-20 and R3-22 Actuators are constructed from corrosion resistant materials, making them well-suited for exterior applications that require robust performance. Available in polished chrome or black powder-coat finishes, the
Southco has recently added to its line of electronic actuators with a sealed version that simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electronic actuation. Capable of accommodating higher mechanical loads, the AC-EM 10 Electronic Actuator facilitates the electronic actuation of Southco’s R4-10 Rotary Latch series and other latching mechanisms. Southco’s versatile AC-EM 10 Electronic Actuator delivers high efficiency, accommodating heavier loads with minimal current draw. When connected to an

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Southco has recently expanded its Captive Screw offering with a low profile version designed for applications where installation space is extremely limited. The 52 Miniature Captive Screw Low Profile series features a 25% reductio

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