AC Cables: The Connection Between Latching and Remote Actuation

R4 Rotary Latch SystemSafety and security guidelines, as well as industrial requirements for remote release rotary latches are becoming key influences in the design process across industries.

Southco’s complete Rotary Latching System uses three elements to create remote, manual actuation: R4 Rotary Latch, AC Cable and AC Actuator. Southco’s AC Cables connect the actuator to the rotary latch and allow remote latching.

Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, Southco’s AC Cables are suitable for use in both interior and exterior environments, and are available in seven different options and end fitting styles. The cables service wide range of application requirements across industries, including Off-Highway, Transportation, Automotive and Industrial Machinery.


As part of Southco’s complete rotary solution, AC Cables enable remote actuation and offer design flexibility, allowing rotary systems to be easily integrated into new and existing enclosure installations. All three elements of the system – Rotary Latch, Cable and Actuator were designed by Southco to work together, enhancing security and industrial design.

To learn more about Southco’s Rotary Latching solutions, please download our Rotary Latch System Guide.

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