Best Practices for Display Mounting Selection for Medical Equipment

For healthcare professionals working with medical equipment each day, such as diagnostic equipment and mobile carts with monitors attached, it is essential that arms or mounts support the display screen when it must remain stationary, yet be easy to move when repositioning is required.

Southco’s constant torque positioning technology, which offers a full range of motion, can hold a display screen in a precise position without any set screws, torque handles or other user intervention. The amount of force needed to reposition the display can be predetermined by the design engineer.

Tilt-only display mounts, such as Southco’s T Series, enable effortless display positioning and infinite angle options in medical equipment applications only requiring tilt functionality, such as a monitor mounted on a dispensing cart. In applications where more adjustment is necessary, the K Series offers tilt and swivel capabilities and tilts both vertically and horizontally, with a range of motion stops for added flexibility.

For more unlimited mobility, articulating arms, like Southco’s A Series offer a full range of motion and can be moved in multiple directions and angles, allowing them to be easily pulled toward or pushed away from the operator as needed. These arms can be adjusted to hold heavy displays and alleviate the force necessary to move them – allowing the displays to be repositioned with minimal effort. The flexibility of an articulating arm also allows it to be folded close to the wall, reducing the amount of space needed for equipment use and storage.

When selecting positioning hardware for medical equipment applications, it is important to select mounts and arms with the following characteristics:

  • Eliminates the need for service or adjustment during operation with a reliable, repeatable cycle life
  • Improves cleanability and exterior appearance through enclosed counterbalance design
  • Enables effortless display positioning and infinite angle options with precision tilt
  • Withstands vibration and bumping that may result during operation and transportation
  • Prevents the slow fading from a user-set position to an undesirable position, known as drift

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