Brochure: Electronic Access Solutions Design Guide

What is EAS Brochure-Collage-Email-EN-270x200When was the last time you used a mechanical key to unlock your car or hotel room? The transition from mechanical access to electronic locking solutions has been widely adopted  in these applications due to the convenience that it ultimately provides to the end user. This transition is also taking place in the equipment market, with manufacturers looking to apply the same technology to remotely control and monitor access to their applications.

Design engineers can best prepare for this transition by anticipating how to implement a successful electronic access solution, which includes an access control device, intelligent electronic lock and remote monitoring capabilities. These key components work together to provide a complete solution for electronic access at the equipment level.

When designing the application, it is crucial to the end user experience that the electronic lock work every time and under any circumstance. However, there are a number of design factors to consider when choosing an electronic lock, including:

  • Environmental, electrical and aesthetic requirements
  • Solutions for access control and remote monitoring
  • Systems integration options, including standalone and networked
  • Pertinent data security compliance regulations impacting design

Southco’s access control devices and intelligent electronic locks work together with remote monitoring to provide a complete solution for electronic access at the equipment level. Begin solving your electronic access engineering design challenges by checking out our new brochure.

Download Southco’s Electronic Access Solutions Design Guide

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