Case Study: Enhancing Ergonomics of Endoscopy Equipment

Southco recently partnered with Olympus KeyMed, one of the world´s leading manufacturers of specialized medical endoscopy equipment, to develop a more ergonomic and efficient platform design for its newly launched Olympus WM-P2 workstation series. The collaboration involved designing a custom, flexible AV arm solution to support the LCD display monitor for these next generation mobile endoscopy machines.

Southco's patented positioning technology helped create a cutting edge mounting solution for the Olympus WM-P2 workstation
Southco’s patented Positioning Technology provides enhanced ergonomic display positioning for the Olympus WM-P2 endoscopic workstation

When designing the new workstation series, Olympus KeyMed identified a need for a monitor that would remain in position without the need for locking detents or clamps, and provide greater viewing angles and vertical adjustment when extended. The previous generation monitor arm on the WM-NP1 workstation series was not ideal for routine height adjustment. Pan and tilt functions were possible, but vertical movement required manual operation and was not at all user friendly.

“We were looking for a quantum leap in the design of the new endoscopic workstation,” says Mark McHugh, Assistant Product Specialist, Olympus KeyMed.” Something innovative and competitive, a workstation to enhance the ergonomics and flexibility provided to customers in use.”

Southco’s Positioning Technology arm provides effortless monitor movement with zero drift functionality
Southco’s AV arm solutions provide effortless display monitor positioning with zero drift functionality

Ultimately, the display positioning criteria required by Olympus Keymed led Southco to help design a custom, complex mounting arm solution for the new workstation.

Southco’s patented positioning technology AV Arm series provided the key to the creation of this cutting edge, custom monitor mounting solution for the WM-P2 series. The torque positioning technology made it possible to provide a wide range of monitor movement that was also virtually weightless in terms of its motion. By incorporating a counter-balance mechanism into the arm to counteract the gravitational pull against the monitor, fingertip movement of even the heaviest monitors is possible.

“One of the key benefits the arm brings to the workstation is enhanced user experience and operational efficiency,” said McHugh. “The advanced positioning control technology enables users to move and position the monitor without the need for clamps to lock it into position, saving time and effort and making the arms surface easier to clean. The zero drift functionality also means the monitor is securely placed after one movement,” he said.

The flexibility provided by the new AV arm allows the workstation monitor to be easily positioned according to the individual preferences of the healthcare professional operating the equipment, without compromising the efficiency or quality of the procedure.

To learn more about Southco’s line of positioning hinges and display mounting solutions, visit our Positioning Technology Microsite.

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