Chassis Components for a Rugged Environment

Part 2 of a 3-part series on off-highway access components

Large EquipmentFlying stones and sand. Extreme temperatures. Harsh vibration and corrosion. Most off-highway vehicles endure an endless assault from their environment. Southco understands the unique stresses of the off-highway industry and has crafted its chassis access hardware to be robust and reliable.

If you work in the off-highway or construction industries, then it won’t be hard to imagine a piece of equipment hauling several tons of excavated material over the uneven terrain of a construction site. A lot of energy can be translated through the vehicle while on site. Keeping access panels and doors closed requires hardware that is designed for these situations. Southco’s folding t-handle compression latches have been engineered to withstand high loads, shock and vibration. These types of latches feature a rugged “lift and turn” operation that promises both dependability and a comfortable grasp.

To avoid having to worry about a stone or a piece of debris disabling your ability to open a door or access panel, a concealed rotary latch is an ideal solution. Paired with a cable system and a remote actuator, these latches offer the convenience of push button actuation and the confidence of positive latch engagement.

Southco’s chassis solutions are designed to ensure rugged durability in harsh conditions. When you latch a hood, it will stay latched. (No more rattling!) And you will enjoy convenient access for engine covers, storage compartments and access panels.

To share your thoughts on entry door solutions or learn more about Southco’s complete system offerings, email us or download your copy of our Design Guide today.

Coming Next: Part 3— Off-highway Interiors: Safety, Comfort and Convenience

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