Electronic Latching for the Great Outdoors

Southco is bringing its electronic locking capabilities outside with the recent launch of our R4-EM Outdoor Electronic Rotary Latch.

With its corrosion-resistant plated-steel or stainless steel outer body construction and fully-sealed internal actuator, the R4-EM Outdoor provides reliable electronic locking that is resistant to moisture and dust, making it an excellent choice for external applications.

The R4-EM Outdoor works just like the standard R4-EM, and accepts control inputs from any access control device. In addition to its ability to perform in corrosive environments, the R4-EM Outdoor is designed with a higher working load and ultimate load that ensures reliable operation in demanding environments.

The R4-EM Outdoor delivers optimal design flexibility and is ideal for outdoor applications that require concealed, convenient and secure electronic access.


To learn more about Southco’s complete line of electronic access solutions, visit Southco’s R4-EM product page.



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