Ergonomic Center Console Design for Automotive Interiors


With changing design trends, Automotive design engineers are adapting their specifications to overcome a wide range of center console challenges such as vibration and noise issues, and overall functionality of the design. Ergonomics have also become a key focus of center console design as well, as consumer usability and operation expectations continue to influence the overall design of the vehicle.

When developing center console applications, automotive interior designers must take into account not only the functionality, but also consumers’ emotional reactions to the look and feel of a vehicle’s interior. Everything from materials used, to ease of operation and general appearance, ultimately shape customer perception of quality towards the automotive manufacturer.

However, functionality is just as important to the design as aesthetics – a well-planned center console application positions functionality at the heart of the design. Successful center console solutions enhance operation and improve usability for the end user by ensuring that the lid opens easily and remains open – delivering greater convenience to the end user accessing its interior.

Center Console

When selecting a hinging solution for a center console application, the core technology should offer the following benefits:

  • Smooth operating  efforts during opening and closing of the center console lid
  • Quiet operation – no buzz, squeak or rattle (BSR) during opening and closing
  • Ability to hold the center console lid or inner tray steady at any position
  • Assistance with opening heavier lids
  • Ability to stop and lock the lid into a predetermined position
  • Validated and customizable to any unique design requirement
  • Compact design that takes up minimal application space
  • Adjustment free service life

Southco’s position control hinges feature best-in-class constant torque functionality that enables the center console lid to hold open at any position and prevents it from falling or unexpectedly closing. Each position control hinge is constructed of robust materials and designed with a reliable and repeatable cycle life to last the lifetime of the vehicle, with minimal parts needed for assembly.  Southco’s position control hinges offer a proven, validated solution that not only reduces production and tooling costs, but also facilitates the incorporation of the latest interior designs, and satisfies technical demands.

For more information regarding Southco’s line of positioning hinges, request your Southco Handbook today.

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