Heavy-duty Latches Ensure Secure Storage on the Road


Utility VanThe utility van: mobile office for the construction industry. For contractors working out of their vans, storage plays a key role in their daily operations. If tools and materials are not securely stored, contractors could face damage to their van and tools, as well as potential  injury caused by unsecured objects.
A vehicle utility contractor for a large electricity company recently approached Southco engineers regarding a latching system to secure wall-mounted storage compartments and cabinets inside its fleet of utility service vans. The company had received reports from its employees that the existing hardware was sometimes unpredictable in its operation, resulting in tools popping out of boxes while the vehicle was in motion.
The contractor was seeking a strong, durable latch that would stay closed when disturbed by bumps and turns while the van was in motion, as well as exposure to changing weather conditions, since the rear door of the van would be frequently opened and closed by the technician when on the job.
Our engineers recommended Southco’s Stainless Steel R4-10 Rotary Latch, which brings corrosion-resistant strength to a proven latching

solution that delivers long lasting durability and security to heavy-duty
applications. For this application, our engineers recommended combining the R4-10 with Southco’s AC-70 Single Point Paddle Actuator for a complete latching solution. When installed, the R4-10 is linked to the Actuator by a cable, which triggers the latch when the Actuator is engaged. Additionally, the AC-70’s low-protrusion, front-mount design allows for easy operation by the end user, who need only actuate the paddle with the pull of a finger.
With a simple push-to-close operation, the R4-10’s concealed latch accommodates misalignment between the latch and striker bolt, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. In gasketed applications, a double stage latching option provides additional security and functionality, allowing the user to push the door once to keep it closed, and push it a second time to securely latch it, preventing a false latching condition which could result in the door opening accidentally.
Are you facing a challenging application that calls for a more robust latching solution or want to know more about our rotary latches or hinges? Tell us in the comments.

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