Hinges and aesthetics

Part 9 in a 10-part series on specifying hinges

Design guyOkay, so you’re looking to optimize the overall quality and cost effectiveness of your application. When it comes to hinges, it is important to balance performance needs with aesthetic judgment. Looks DO matter and can greatly influence a product’s overall look and perception of quality.

Large, external hinges give an impression of great strength whileDetent hingeFriction hinge concealed hinges can increase security or create a streamlined look. To further enhance an application’s design, we often have the option of customizing plastic and powder-coated hinges to suit specific color specifications. Some hinges even include snap-on covers to conceal mounting hardware and create and more polished appearance. Even the mounting hardware can be concealed by installing the hinge from the back side of the door.

Stainless Steel HingePolished hingeWhether you want polished and sleek or sturdy and strong, there is a hinge that will convey the appearance you seek and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your application.

Next week: Ten questions to ask when designing a hinge

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