Hinges and Installation Method

 Part 7 in a 10-part series on specifying hinges

InstallationThe method of installation is an often overlooked consideration when selecting a hinge. Manufacturing tolerances in the design and installation process can impact our hinge specifications, especially where aligning the hinges on the door and frame are concerned. Slotted holes may help compensate for manufacturing variations.

An important questions that we have to ask is: Where in the manufacturing process is the hinge installed? This may have a profound impact on hinge selection. It’s helpful to determine whether the leaves will be assembled to the door and frame at the same time or in different locations and assembled later. Mounting methods run the gamut and include screws, studs, rivets, welds and adhesives.

Lastly, you want to determine clearance for any tools needed for installation (as well as the hardware itself).  Most of us have found ourselves in this unfortunate situation at least once! So don’t get stuck at the end. Figure this out early and save yourself time and aggravation.

Next week: Hinges and Material Requirements

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