Hooked on Interior Railway Design Upgrades

“If the cost of gas goes any higher, I’m taking the train.” Sound familiar? It’s no secret that the ever-rising cost of gas is forcing many commuters to abandon their normal car ride to work and opt for public transportation instead.  In answer, many railway Taking the traincompanies are taking increased ridership by the horns, and making design upgrades to their heavily used railcars.

We recently had a conversation with an engineer who was tasked with redesigning the interior of a local transit company’s  existing railcar. The transit company had requested the engineer to incorporate suggestions obtained through a commuter survey into the design, including improvements to hinges, locking mechanisms embedded in seating.  Of the commuters who provided feedback, a significant number were concerned about having a place to hang their coats, bags and personal belongings during overcrowded peak hours.

Specifically, the engineer was seeking a safe way in which to incorporate coat hooks. In the traditional rail car design, a multi-pronged coat hook protruded from the center of the outer seat panel into the walkway, and often into people forced to stand during peak commuting hours. The challenge was replacing this outdated and potentially dangerous design with something that was both safe and functional.
Southco Coat hook
Our experts suggested Southco’s MP Coat Hook, which remains flush when not in use, and deploys an inner latch, releasing pop-out hook with just the push of a button. It’s ability to remain flush when unused frees up more space, allowing for multiple installations should the design require it. The MP is available with several flange shapes with multiple chrome- or brass-plated finishes to match the stylish new interiors of many mass transportation vehicles – including not only railcars, but buses and airplanes as well.

How will the growth of commuting impact mass transit interior design? Or have an application for a compression latch or position control hinge you would like to discuss?  Tell us in the comments.

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