Improving Kiosk Design with Concealed Electronic Latches

SelfServiceATMOne of the most important aspects of any Self Service kiosk or enclosure design is not only what it does, but how it looks to the consumer. Therefore, design engineers must balance aesthetic appeal with usability in order to execute effective Self Service design.

Many modern kiosks feature a 360 degree design – meaning that they are viewable from all angles, so components previously located on the exterior of the kiosk, such as cords and cooling fans are being designed into the enclosure interior.

In response, design engineers are choosing concealed electronic access solutions, such as electronic locks and latches, which can be easily mounted inside the enclosure and integrated into an existing networked security system for remote access and monitoring.

SouthcoElectronicLatchesElectronic access solutions provide enhanced security and can also improve the overall design of the enclosure with regard to its look, feel and functionality. When installed within an enclosure panel, electronic locks allow a clean, flush surface that not only remove pry points but compliment the visual statement of the design as well.

When selecting the appropriate electronic access system for a Self Service enclosure, it is essential that it not only meets the security requirements of the application, but also functions correctly to provide a quality end user experience – without compromising security, appearance or branding.


To learn more about Southco’s line of Electronic Locks and Latches, visit our Electronic Access Solutions Microsite.

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