Industry Report: Enhancing Aircraft Cabin Security and Safety

Aircraft Cabin Safety and Security ReportAs OEMs concentrate on upgrading cabin interiors with lightweight materials and components, the latest technologies, such as electronically driven locks and latches that can be networked into a plane’s control system offer designers new options for enhanced aircraft cabin security and safety.

Incorporating electronically operated locking mechanisms into aircraft interiors can improve functionality and overall weight consumption, while also enhancing the safety and security of passengers and crew. These streamlined and highly effective security solutions layer physical latching with electronic intelligence, which can be used to improve access and control in aircraft cabin applications.

Electronic locks provide intelligence not available with traditional lock-and-key mechanisms, in that electronic access can incorporate logic to control auxiliary functions such as lighting, alarms and audit trail data for tracking and monitoring access to restricted areas within the aircraft. They can be networked into the aircraft control system to secure various interior applications:

  • Allowing flight crew to control when passengers may access overhead luggage bins or lavatories
  • Keeping access points secure during take-off, taxi and landing, or turbulence
  • Protecting access to lifesaving devices like oxygen masks, and keeping them securely locked in place
  • Providing space and power reduction capabilities to aid in operational footprint reduction

Lightweight, efficient electronic access solutions provide enhanced security for a wide range of aircraft cabin applications, such as access paneling, storage bins, lavatories and galleys, offering many options for integration into aircraft control systems.

To learn more about how Incorporating next generation electronic access control can improve your aircraft interior design, download Southco’s Aerospace Security Solutions Industry Report.

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