Multi-Point Flat Rod Latching: An Enclosure’s Best Defense

Southco A5 Multi-point RodsSouthco’s new A5 Multi-Point Flat Rod System is an economical, complete solution that offers increased strength when controlling multiple latching points from a single point of operation. The flat design provides an economical solution with added strength in enclosure applications with longer doors and panels, eliminating flexing, pry points and rattle.

The A5 Multi-Point Flat Rod System can be easily integrated into new designs or retrofitted to secure enclosure doors and panels for a wide range of industries, including servers, data storage and industrial machinery. With its zinc nickel-plated finish, the system also complies with Telcordia® requirements for salt spray resistance.

The A5 Multi-Point Flat Rod System offers a full range of rod lengths and additional components that are adaptable to a variety of Southco panel latches, while providing simple installation and an array of operating styles.

To learn more about our complete line of multi-point latching systems, please visit Southco’s Multi-Point Latching systems page.

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