Off-highway interiors: Safety, comfort and convenience

Part 3 of a 3-part series on off-highway access components

Anyone who has spent a long day in the cab of an off-highway vehicle knows the importance of comfort, convenience and safety. So it’s not surprising that Southco has developed our products for these vehicles with ergonomics as a top priority.

Streamlined position control hinges allow for precise control of the cab environment—the perfect angle of the armrest or the most ideal position of LCD touch screens. And a broad range of access hardware means everything is securely stored and won’t go tumbling out every time you hit a bump. Southco also incorporates easy accessibility into its access hardware, so you won’t have to stretch and strain to reach to a stored item. This attention to detail plays an important role in enhancing the total experience of owning and operating off-highway vehicles.

Southco’s standard and custom designed tilt and swivel mechanisms provide multi-axis control for raising, rotating and positioning display screens. And quarter-turn fasteners range from lightweight plastic fasteners to heavy-duty stainless steel varieties so the right fastener can be found to suit your application’s requirements.

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